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your alternative matric holiday experience - make it count!


29 November - 10 December 2020


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Your TICKET includes:

[bezel_icon_box title="Transport in a full luxury bus" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-bus"][/bezel_icon_box]
[bezel_icon_box title="Campsite fees" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-bonfire"][/bezel_icon_box]
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[bezel_icon_box title="Breakfast" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-basket"][/bezel_icon_box]
[bezel_icon_box title="4 x Theme Evenings" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-ticket"][/bezel_icon_box]
[bezel_icon_box title="Dinner @ Theme Evenings" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-basket"][/bezel_icon_box]
[bezel_icon_box title="Access to Victoria Falls" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-ticket"][/bezel_icon_box]
[bezel_icon_box title="Sunset cruise + drinks + snacks on the Zambezi river" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-boat"][/bezel_icon_box]
[bezel_icon_box title="Sunset cruise on Okavango Delta" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-boat"][/bezel_icon_box]
[bezel_icon_box title="Bushmen dances around the campfire" icon_size="icon--big" icon_background="" alignment="align-center" icon="hc-body"][/bezel_icon_box]
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Activities included:

  • Access to the Victoria Falls.
  • Boat cruise on the Zambezi river (drinks and food).
  • Sunset cruise on the Okavango Delta.
  • Bushmen dances around the campfire.
  • 4 Theme evenings that include your meals.
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Day 1 & 2

Day 3, 4 & 5

Day 6 & 7

Day 8, 9 & 10

Day 11 & 12


Experience Timeline

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Depart early morning hours from Pretoria via Groblersbrug to Elephant Sands (Botswana).

Explore the area and enjoy various local activities such as; visiting the Makgadikgadi Pans, Game drive, etc. or relax next to the pool with a direct view of elephants at the waterhole.

Depart after breakfast to Livingstone (Zambia) via the ferry crossing over the mighty Zambezi river.

Day of activities; white water rafting, bungee jump, cultural tours, canoeing, game drives, etc.

Visit the Victoria Waterfalls, and do a Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi river.

Depart for Ngepi Camp (Namibia) via the Caprivi Strip.

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Relax and explore the area with its various attractions; mokoro trips, game drive, swim in a cage to protect you from the crocodiles, etc.

Depart to Guma Lagoon; an island in the Okavango Delta (Botswana)

Day of activities; boat cruises, tiger fishing, mokoro safaris, helicopter ride, etc.

Relax and explore the beauty of Africa, ending the day with a sunset cruise.

Depart for Ghanzi, for a theme evening of note.



This is our final evening together before heading home, so we decided to throw it all in and to make this evening a memorable one that will imprint the beauty of Africa in your heart for life.

Depart early morning for Pretoria.

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Why be satisfied with 5 stars when you can sleep under a billion stars. Bring your tent, sleeping bag and pillow, and set up camp in the tent village.

The saying goes that the Swiss have the watch, but Africa has the time, therefore departure takes place from Pretoria in a full luxury bus.

Africa is filled with variety, however coffee and rusks will be provided each morning, with lunch and dinner to be experienced at the local restaurants. Except for the Theme Evenings, where dinner is provided, all other meals are for your own account.

Adventure! Adventure! Adventure! Your alternative Matric Holiday experience starts here! From river rafting the mighty Zambezi, to exploring the Okavango Delta on a boat, your attitude and willingness to step out of your comfort zone will open a world of possibilities; rarely to be repeated.

Get your Passport in order; pack your goody snacks in your bag; gather your friends to go along and click BUY YOUR TICKET now.