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Who We Are

Every year thousands of school leavers are flocking to beaches and mass gatherings to celebrate the completion of their school years. It is a brief moment to get away from all the pressures experienced due to exams, daily time tables and scheduled responsibilities.

However, not everyone sees these mass gatherings as their ideal way to clear their minds. ‘MatricHolidays.co.za’ provides experiences for those school leavers who seek an alternative to the yearly festivals, beach parties, and mass gatherings. 'Matric Holidays' is all about having fun whilst exploring Africa and #MakeItCount…

Matric Holidays is a devision of MOTE Travel, a registered travel experience company established in 2007.

MOTE Travel has a vast experience in Africa travels and had seen more than 5000 young people exploring Africa in various ways.

The founder, and often the tour guide himself, is an experience traveler with more than 40 countries visited, most of them in Africa. Adriaan Adams has travelled by road through every African country south of the equator, as well as a number of them in the North. Adams is passionate about the continent and has a firm believe that for Africa to reach her full potential, it needs to be done through her young people; 67% of the population in Africa is under the age of 25.

Explore Africa, the main focus for Matric Holidays 2019, will be led by Adams and his team of fellow explorers. Each of them had traveled a number of Africa countries, and the designated route for Explore Africa is one each of them had traveled multiple times before.

For more information about MOTE Travel, Adams or any of his crew, please contact them at:
Phone - 082 770 5310
Email - info@matricholidays.co.za

Adriaan Adams - Founding Director MOTE Travel

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